Natural Body and Hair Care Products to helping with the Stress and Anxiety in your life

  • Elixers and packages to enhance your stress-free life in your beautiful body like skin and hair!
  • Sleep potions to help you get to the dreamy side of life!

Natural Health and Wellness Products to calm the Stress and Anxiety

  • Wellness blends for anxiety, allergies, colds, and flu presented in effective and stylish containers.
  • Natural Blends for personal and whole room applications.

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Pre-made Products for Stress and Anxiety Relief for you and your dog partner



Products for Your Dog Partners helping to phase out their Stress and Anxiety

  • Grooming and bathing blends for your pups and small dogs, including flea and tick eliminators!
  • Calming and relaxing products for those anxious doggies!

Keeping our bodies in a natural and positive flow in life is easier using everyday products that are natural and chemical free. Our primary focus is to provide products formulated to provide an expected outcome (like body cleansing) using ingredients you can pronounce, while at the same time naturally eliminating stress and anxiety.

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It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Tea Blend of the month club

See our line of essential oil blends and teas.

Sumptuous Tea Blends * Coming Soon....

  • Beautiful, organic green teas mixed with an array of subtle herbs to enhance your well-being
  • Blend of the Month Club...The Gift that keeps on giving!

Natural Household Cleaners to wipe out your Stress and Anxiety!

  • Non-toxic cleaners and Air Fresheners for everyday chores.
  • Air fresheners for mood, concentration, and well-being to enhance your inner being and wellness!
  • Recipes and products for you to make!