Custom blends are created to address specific health concerns. For example, sleep  issues, skin problems,  pain, and chronic disease are sources of multiple stress and anxiety in our lives.  Many times we can  use clinical aromatherapy in addition to other therapies to eliminate or significantly reduce some of the  issues in these specific areas of health.

​​​An Alternate Approach for...

  • When the stresses of work are swirling and keeping you from giving it your ALL! 
  • Relief from the ongoing daily stress and anxiety of chronic muscle or nerve pain;
  • When the anxiety of life is too big to handle right NOW! 
  • Attempting to manage it all when there's no more "you" left?
  • When you need to get back to your loving, nurturing, radiant self...

​​​​Custom Protocols for eliminating stress and anxiety 

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   Basic aromatherapy delivers custom formulations to meet your wish for specific scents and aromas in your    everyday life of air fresheners, body products, bath products or even calming pet products that assist in          eliminating your overall stress!

 My INITIAL CONSULTATION with you by phone or in person will help me understand what you are    wanting. We will talk about your needs and the outcome you want, and then will decide how to get you  there...holistically, safely and chemically free! The categories below may give you an outline of some   avenues I consider when working with you.

​​​​​Coming Soon...

It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long.